What People ARe sayinG



“Sara! You genuinely shifted my energy. I started the call literally hunched over, arms crossed, reluctant to admit my feelings. I ended the call laughing and gesturing wildly with my arms as I talked — that is the real me for sure! :-D You were masterfully tuned in during our call and leaned heavily on your intuition to get me unstuck. You did such a beautiful job synthesizing the various info I gave you to create a picture of success. This is not the first time you have done so. In our last session I remember commenting that you stitched together my random thoughts to give me a sense of the real issue at hand. You have a gift for holding all aspects of the conversations at once and seeing into the conversation from all angles. Pretty cool stuff, Sara!” – Cindy DuSair PCC, CPC, ELI-MP, Owner, Interior Designer at Build Your Nest Coaching + Design Studio

                                                                                                                                                                   "Sara is a groundbreaking life coach. Her natural skill for asking the right questions, really helped me dig deeper into what some of my issues were. things I hadn't even realized I was afraid to face. Her empathy, her positive spirit, and her ability to make me feel heard really helped me move forward in life. Sara has a quiet confidence that makes me feel stronger just being around her. I highly recommend Sara/Idea of You for your coaching needs!" – Emily Paulus Valencia 

Vision Workshops

"Sara is an exceptional coach for both men and women. She created a space that was fantastic, intuitive, effective, and efficient.  If you are located within 200 miles of one of her workshops I would highly recommend you attend.  You will definitely be glad you did!" - Daniel L. 

"The Spark Your Vision for 2020 workshop was very empowering!  I was encouraged to be open in a supportive environment.  The visioning and additional exercises pushed me to be real with myself about what I want in the new year and how to get there." - Rachel S.

"I joined Sara for a VIRTUAL Spark Your 2020 Vision Workshop to help laser focus my vision and goals for 2020!  She guided us through identifying  our limiting beliefs and unique strengths.  I highly recommend her workshop in addition to her 1:1 coaching!" - Zona C. 

"The VIRTUAL Spark Your 2020 Vision workshop was a great experience. I walked away with better clarify and focus than I have ever had to begin a powerful new year. The vision board is the perfect size for focus and is a powerful tool to guide me through 2020!" - Marilyn F. 

Energy Leadership Development Team Building


“Thank you for presenting the 7 Levels of Energy at our team meeting.  Your presentation was unlike anything I’ve ever had in sales trainings, meetings, seminars, etc.  I got a lot out of the limited time we spent on this, so I can imagine I’d get even more out of exploring this concept at a deeper, more thorough level. 

Simply being more aware and mindful of the different energy levels has helped me immensely in my professional and personal life. Your discussion around the thoughts, feelings and actions associated with the energy levels has lingered with me and those are things I’m often thinking about when I reflect on my day.  I am working on thinking about my energy level in the moment, and not just at the end of the day.  I am thinking about where I’m at, what makes me fluctuate, how to improve, and am trying to be more aware.  I’d like to talk to you more about strategies for working on and recognizing those things.  In the meantime, I’ve made it a goal to be intentional about my energy until it becomes natural.

I’m often times considering the energy I’m giving off because I interact with so many different people every day.  Sales can feel very outcome driven, so it’s important to be mindful about my energy level instead of focusing on the ups and downs. Professionally and personally,  I’m thinking about the way my actions and words impact other people, knowing that it’ll ultimately impact how successful and happy I am.  Additionally, I think your presentation and the concepts discussed are valuable for improving our company culture. I can see how it’d be beneficial to many company’s cultures, as well as individual’s personal lives, as the importance of emotional intelligence is apparent.” - Samantha Griffin, Regional Sales Manager, Genomind 

“One thing I took away from your presentation, and have seen since our meeting, is the benefit of having a common language. When we all can refer to a specific level of energy that we’re operating at, and are using the same verbiage, it helps communicate to others; and in turn, others’ interactions, support, advice, etc. can adjust accordingly because we all know what “Level 2” means.

Personally, I enjoyed the presentation because I agree with the pillars and concepts you laid out, and it was nice to see them organized in a system. I don’t think there can ever be too much energy that is rooted in positivity, optimism, support and encouragement! I think your presentation was well-received, and you did a good job of keeping your presentation on track, despite the occasional comments and derailments from your audience!” – Tiffany Zillani, Senior Regional Sales Manager, Genomind